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About me.

I was a fashionable child. A blue hat? Sign me up!

Many, Many, Many Moons Ago


Born in León, Guanajuato; my earliest memories include waiting for Los Reyes Magos, playing in the corn fields of my great-grandmother's rancho and going to La Feria. 

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The late 80s

On the left, wearing a vintage prairie dress. Thanks, Savers!

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I immigrated to the United States, EL Norte, when I was nine years old. 

My hometown is Redwood City, California, located in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After living all around the world, I now live in Redwood City with my family.  

Redwood City, California

Selena influenced us all with the lipstick.

Age Seventeen

Palo Alto, California

I had my first tech internship at Hewlett-Packard the summer before my first year of college. Thanks to INROADS! 

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Student and Startup Person

I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley, and my Master of Arts from the University of California, San Diego. I had my first job in tech after my master's degree. 

I joined YouTube in 2007.

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The World


Head of Localization

I joined Twitter in 2009 leading Twitter en español. I then grew with company and became Head of Localization. 

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2014 - 2020

CEO and Founder

Atipica was a people analytics startup powered by inclusive algorithms. Funded by True Ventures, Kapor Capital, Precursor Ventures, and numerous Latinx/female angel investors. 




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Proyecto Sol is an organization whose goal is to create nationwide acceptance of mental health and healing among Latinx/Latiné/Hispanic communities in the United States. 

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